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Moving On

Cinema Viscera

Molly has always had trouble facing the harsh realities of life, so when her partner of seven years, Jake, suddenly walks out on her, Molly’s subconscious gives her a unique coping tool in the guise of a larger than life imaginary version of Jake who won't leave her alone. With the help of her best friends Delilah and Zack - both with problems of their own - Molly has to face the hard fact that she has been dumped and find a way to to regain her sense of self if she has any hope of getting rid of her imaginary boyfriend... Created and Written by Cinema Viscera. Produced by Bronya Doyle. Sound Editing Paul Anthony Nelson. Sound Design Kristina Benton. Theme song recorded by Kristina Benton. Cast includes, Cate O'Connor, Dave Lamb, Kristina Benton, Simon Godfrey and Shanon Kulupach.