Moving On

Episode 2 - Denial

July 30, 2020 Cinema Viscera Season 1 Episode 2
Moving On
Episode 2 - Denial
Show Notes

Denial noun: The refusal to believe a hard reality.

Still tormented by the imaginary version other ex, Molly refuses to believe Real Jake isn’t coming back until she receives an eviction notice instead of an anniversary present, Delilah refuses to believe she has to go to a big family wedding and Zach can’t fathom how his life had been reduced to a showdown with a cheerfully sadistic Employment Now Counter Clerk.

Cast includes Cate O'Connor, Dave Lamb, Kristina Benton, Simon Godfrey, Benji Groenewegen, and Shanon Kulupach. 
Special Guests Include:  Rebecca Fortuna, and Samantha Hill
Written and Directed by Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson
Sound Mixed by Kristina Benton
Produced by Bronya Doyle

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