Moving On

Episode 4 - Depression

August 13, 2020 Cinema Viscera Season 1 Episode 4
Moving On
Episode 4 - Depression
Show Notes

Depression (noun: Feelings of severe despondency and rejection)

In the smoky cabaret of Molly’s imagination, all the characters are thrown into the spotlight in our musical episode. Molly finds out Zack’s horrifying secret, Zack comes to terms with his feelings and Delilah has to admit who she really is to Sam.

Cast includes Cate O'Connor, Dave Lamb, Kristina Benton, Simon Godfrey, Benji Groenewegen, and Shanon Kulupach. 
Special Guests Include:  Lulu McClatchy. 
Written and Directed by Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson
Sound Mixed by Kristina Benton
Produced by Bronya Doyle

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